Five elements based on the science of Ayurveda

Our universe is made by five elements of Ether, or Akasha, Air or Vayu,  Fire or Agni, Water or Apas,  and Earth or Prutvi. All these elements have their special qualities.  Ether is omnipresent and it gives space, love and freedom and has no resistance. Ether is nuclear energy. Air is the principal of movement and creates the pulse of life. Air is the electrical energy. Fire is the energy of transformation and metabolism. Fire is the radiant energy. Water is the solvent biochemical and nourishes. It is the chemical energy. Earth is dense and is the heaviest elements and presents structure. It is the mechanical energy. We can see these elements as mountains (earth), rivers (water), volcanos (fire), winds (air), and space (ether). In our body we can see them as womb (space or ether), breath (air), digestive enzymes (fire), plasma (water) and bones and muscles (earth).